Upcoming Stuff

(Please note: This page does NOT list upcoming episodes or anything related the core podcast itself, NOR does it list upcoming official Pokémon media such as video games, anime episodes/movies, manga, etc. This page DOES list upcoming improvements, changes, additions, etc. surrounding the backbone of the podcast, being the website/blog, as well as PKMN Center Productions, which currently incorporates the Pokémon Center Podcast and the Pokémon Center Forums.)

Levels of "wanting" (a.k.a. importance): scale of I-V, with I being least important and V practically being "NEEDED"

(What your donations may go towards; all amounts in US$, and are just listed so you can be aware of their costs on EzloSpirit's end)
  • File hosting (MediaPro): WANTED (V) (>$9.99/month)
  • Domain name(s): WANTED (IV) (approx. $20-$30/year/name)
    • A custom domain name would allow navigation to the official website to be at least twice as fast/easy, not to mention that it would help raise the status of the podcast itself in the overall Pokémon and Nintendo fansite community. EzloSpirit currently hopes to acquire the domain "pkmncenter.net." (This would also make navigation to the forums infinitely easier.)
  • AD removal for the forums: WANTED (II) ($5/33,333 total pageviews on the forums)
    • This is one of the reasons EzloSpirit hates InvisionFree: the AD's are usually irrelevant and always huge. And ugly.
  • vBulletin forum software: WANTED (I) ($195 or $285, once)
    • Not only are the ADs obnoxious, but the whole IF system is really poorly designed. vBulletin is one of the most powerful, best-designed forum software products out there. Unfortunately, it's likely the most expensive.
  • Website hosting (at least for the forums): WANTED (I) ($7.99/month)
    • If we get vBulletin, we'll need hosting for the whole forum website.
PKMN Center Productions
(possible changes, including additions and merges, to the PKMN Center Productions network)
  • Pokémon text-based roleplaying site (one huge RP only): concept only
    • would need help on how to set this up and everything
  • Pokémon Crystal Version Adventures: likely
    • a no-budget, low-quality, Pokémon Crystal-based comedy/fan web series. May become part of PKMN Center Productions; currently produced under EzloSpirit's main umbrella network, Sparkle Entertainment. An official website hosting all of the episodes, etc. would be nice.