The Staff

Founder/Host: EzloSpirit
Name: Eric Biskin
Age: 16
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Previous Experience: Production Assistant and a Segment Host on the Zelda Universe Podcast (March 2010-present)
On podcast staff since: December 2010
Favorite Pokémon: Togepi
Favorite Pokémon Game: HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions
Bio: I can't remember my reaction when I first turned on Pokémon Gold Version in my bright green Game Boy Color back in 2000, but I do remember that I had discovered one of the greatest franchises in video game history. I remember choosing Cyndaquil because, well, it seemed like the right thing to do. My brother, who is 7 years older than me, had been a huge Pokémon fan when Red & Blue first came out in America. After the first fifteen minutes of playing Gold, I knew I had found my calling: the incredible world of Pokémon.

In the third week of December 2010, over 10 years after first playing Gold Version, I decided to create my own podcast. When deciding what the topic should be, I instantly thought to my favorite game franchise, and I knew that there was no doubt in what the topic should be. I took it upon myself to set up everything: set up the blog, organize and record the first podcast, compile remixed Pokémon music from around the Pokémon fansite community (and YouTube), and, well...everything! I hadn't even told my closest friends until I was almost ready to record the first podcast! My only hope is that nearly all listeners find The Pokemon Center informative, fun, and entertaining!

Host: KingMudkip
Name: Nathan
Age: 17
Location: Michigan, USA
Previous Experience: I submitted a guest piece to EzloSpirit's segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast.
On podcast staff since: January 2011
Favorite Pokémon: Mudkip
Favorite Pokémon Game: HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions
Bio: My first ever experience with Pokemon was turning on Cartoon Network when I was about six and watching Ash and friends boarding the S. S. Anne. At least, looking back now, I think it was the S. S. Anne. I didn't have a clue what was going on when I was watching it, but it kinda hooked me. Later, I got to play my cousin's copy of Yellow over the holidays, and bang. I was a convert for life. I started buying cards shortly after that, but it took me until 2003 to get my own game, Ruby, and start collecting Pokemon of my own. So really, Mudkip was the first Pokemon I ever owned.

I started wanting to work on a podcast last summer, and submitted a guest segment to EzloSpirit's segment on the Zelda Universe podcast, but this is my first major podcast role. Hopefully I don't botch it too badly. 

Host/Segment Host: Blizzaga

Name: Blizzaga Lantean
Age: 22
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon, USA
Previous Experience: I have my own podcast and other independent works, such as Let's Plays.
On podcast staff since: February 2011
Favorite Pokémon: Mewtwo & Espeon
Favorite Pokémon Game: Silver Version
Bio: Blizzaga Lantean has been a Pokémon fan since the great fever. And as everyone else passed on as if Pocket Monsters were simply a fad, Blizz stayed throughout the years. Though once considering himself a Pokémon master from the first two generations; life, dislike of the third generation, and the passing away of his original silver version, his nerdism has seemed to have waned a little bit. However, the fourth generation and the release of Soul Silver have kept him around. Blizz doesn't like all the technical bull of IV training and whatnot. He cares more for the Pokémon themselves and the relationships that can grow from them. Mewtwo and Lugia are his favorite legendaries while Espeon is his favorite normal Pokémon. Blizzaga once had an interesting talent where he could tell you which cry belonged to which of the original 250 Pokémon over the phone.

Segment Host: TheEpicPhanpy
Name: Joshua
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Previous Experience:  I have learned to have a one way conversation, having posted let's plays and several vlogs on YouTube. I also got 100% for scripted speech in drama and an A-grade mark in improvisation.
On podcast staff since: January 2011
Favorite Pokémon: Phanpy
Favorite Pokémon Game: Crystal Version
Bio: I believe my first random encounter with the Pokémon series happened down in Busselton (a tourist town in Western Austaralia) in, perhaps, 2005-06 I camping with my family when I met a boy who was about my age. With him he carried a GameBoy Color ... And 'Pokémon Yellow'. He graciously allowed me to play the game and I played it non-stop (of course, I had no idea what I was doing) until he kicked me off. Since then, I have played (but not always finished) many Pokémon games and  have fallen in love with the Pokémon and the series. The biological study (ie. The Pokédex entries) fascinates me, despite the fact that it is all a fantasy. I also enjoy the TV series and manga but somewhat less than I do the games. For me, Pokémon is about adventure and exploration and that is just the type of entertainment I enjoy.

I officially became a segment host for the PKMN Center podcast on Saturday 22nd of January (at least in my timezone) after applying almost instantly after listening to the first episode of the podcast (not without taking some time to consider the position, though).

Segment Host: Fcgfyv
Name: Wesley Pick-Roth
Previous Experience: Guest Hosted with EzloSpirit on Zelda Universe Podcast
On Podcast Since: February 2011
Favorite Pokémon: Squirtle
Favorite Pokémon Game: SoulSilver Version
Bio: I reacted to Pokémon pretty late, because my first game was Pokémon Diamond. But then, I got addicted and I had to "Gotta catch 'em all!" Any Pokémon game I could access from a source other than eBay, I got my hands on it. I even named my cat after a Pokémon, Skitty.
Originally, I had met up in the Zelda Universe Forums, hence there, I met EzloSpirit. I became his friend and adoptee, and eventually was able to guest host with him. Then, I was asked to join the PKMN Center Forums by him, and humbly accepted it. Now, knowing I should help out any Pokémon friend in need, I asked to join the PKMN Center Podcast and was soon bombarded with the humble greetings "Welcome to the staff!" and knew I now had a new home to come to.

Segment Host: NoahTheNintendoNerd
Name: Noah T.
Age: 14
Location: Minnesota, USA
Previous Experience: The Nintendo Nerd News (YouTube Series)
On podcast staff since: February 2011
Favorite Pokémon: Shaymin
Favorite Pokémon Game: Platinum Version
Bio: I started liking Pokemon since... IDK, like, age 3. I remember getting a plush Pikachu that made sounds... than flushing it down the toilet. I got the original Red and Blue, then came Yellow, then Gold and Silver, Crystal, and... It goes on and on and on and on, strangers, walking, up and down the BOULEVARD! Whoops, sorry, I like the band Journey. I mainly like the original Anime, and read SOME, not a lot, of PKMN Manga. I love leveling up PKMN... he he. And... Shaymin is so cute, I remember when I saw the Giritana movie on Cartoon Network when It came out... I am very excited to be a part of the PKMN Center Podcast!