PKMN Center Radio Hub

Look to your right. (If you are looking <--, then I'm talking about your other right.) At the top of the sidebar, you see "Listen to PKMN Center Radio!" with an explanation of what the dag nab heck PKMN Center Radio is.

...Which is why I'm not going to explain it here! Also, you now know that you are not blind!

Okay, randomness aside (can you tell who's writing this page?), this page provides an easy way to navigate songs in the PKMN Center Radio playlist: just click on the song title in the list below to skip to that song. You'll also find download links (hosted by a Pokemon site run by EzloSpirit) for every song (right click, "save link as..."), and a brief description of what segments and podcasts each song can be heard in.

(Note: Some songs listed here are official Pokémon music, which is not part of the PKMN Center Radio playlist. They are merely listed here for reference purposes, and no links are provided. Songs that fit this description are marked with an asterisk and are not hyperlinks.)