PKMN Center Productions was founded (and is still headed) by EzloSpirit, a veteran of (and current contributor to) the Zelda Universe Podcast, the official podcast of Zelda Universe, the Internet's largest Legend of Zelda fansite. On the ZUCast, he has worked as the Production Assistant and has contributed almost 10 segments to date, including a recurring humor segment.

EzloSpirit became interested in producing and hosting his own podcast in the third week of December 2010. Having been a Pokémon fan since 1999 when he first watched the TV show, and a die-hard Pokémon fan since 2000 when he first played Pokémon Gold Version, he quickly decided that he would make his podcast about Pokémon. After much delay due to loads of schoolwork and the overly-difficult decision regarding the name of the podcast, EzloSpirit finally recorded the first episode of the Pokémon Center Podcast on January 14, 2011. He edited it on the 15th, and the Pokémon Center Podcast was released on the podcast's official website late at night on the 15th. The podcast was finally released to the masses on the iTunes Store on January 19, 2011. It was a very proud moment for EzloSpirit!

The first episode received generally positive reception, at least more positive than EzloSpirit has first anticipated. He received his first staff application two days after the iTunes Store release. The applicant called himself TheEpicPhanpy, and he was interested in a hosting position. Long story short, the same day, on January 21, TheEpicPhanpy became the first Segment Host hired to work on the Pokémon Center Podcast! He brought an entirely new segment to the 'cast called POKéMANIACS in which he interviews various Pokémon fans about, well, their fandom.