Using Max Revive Soon...

In other words, we're coming back! When? I can't say for sure. I would love to release a new episode before 2012, however.

I've been getting quite a few emails in the PKMN Center inbox (especially in the last month or two) asking me if the Pokémon Center Podcast is, in fact, even still around, and if so, when the next episode will be coming out.

I don't know why I waited this long to post here, but here I am now! You see, I got busy. With school, mostly. Yes, I've had a 3-month break, but my being busy was not the only reason for the hiatus. Another reason was that I could get neither my act together (I'll try my hardest to remedy this in the future) nor could a couple of my staffers--I won't mention names; mostly because I don't remember what the names were. Another possible cause was the almost-doubling of the number of staff members shortly after the production of the second episode began, including two new editors, who I actually still have yet to discuss details with! (I will introduce the new staff in the next episode itself, and I will post them to the staff page once I confirm who's still interested in being on staff.) The final probable cause deserves its own paragraph.

So the final probable cause for the hiatus is money. Or lack thereof. I'm a high-school student! I made the mistake of starting a podcast without thinking about money. Now that I've started it, I don't really want to stop. So I'm kind of stuck that way. What exactly do I need money for in regards to the podcast? The hosting. My goodness, the hosting. There isn't a single decent file hosting site out there that's free and suits this podcast's needs. I use Mediafire; however, I had to pay (my dad back) for an account upgrade (which I've since downgraded from again) in order to host the second episode and provide enough bandwidth for more than 100 people or so to download it. That cost US$10. It doesn't sound like much, but when you're a high-school student, you can't really afford $10 a month for more than two or three months (without it becoming a problem).

However, I have a solution: that mighty financial force known as PayPal. Well, that's not the only piece. The other piece is our listeners! I know you (or many of you) hate giving up money, especially for something that's normally free. But until I can make a decent amount of money on my own, I'm afraid I have to ask you for some donations. No, you really don't have to donate; a bunch of you probably can't since you don't have a credit card or anything--I run into this problem all the time when I'm in the mood to donate money to my favorite Internet websites and projects. But for those of you who can, I would be Shaymin-grateful if you would donate a bit of money to help keep this podcast possible. I'm not asking for much. Just US$5 even--two people donating that much would pay for a whole month of file hosting. More would be brilliant, but only if you're feeling really generous (or if you're just awesome). Are there incentives for donating? Not at the moment. I can't really think of any, at least not any that would not cost me any money (ironically). So for now, the only incentive--I shouldn't really say that since it's probably the most important one--I can offer you for donating is more episodes of the podcast! You can donate monies by clicking the donate button on the right-hand side of the page. (It may not work yet since my PayPal account has not yet been fully set up.)

That's about it for now. Once I get a reasonable estimate for the release date of the next episode, I'll let you know. I'm thrilled about the fact that I have been getting people asking when the next episode will be because that means that we have interested listeners (and quite a few of them, too!) who are still interested!

On behalf all of us who work on the Pokémon Center Podcast, I'd like to thank you for your continued interest in the 'cast and especially for your patience! After all, we're still pretty new at this! So thanks!

Founder/Producer/Host, PKMN Center Productions

P.S. Oh, yeah! One more thing. I am interested in affiliating with some other Pokémon/Nintendo fansites out there (yes, some in particular, who I will contact personally at a later date) once we get the third episode rolling, so if you own an active, quality fansite related to Pokémon, another second- or first-party Nintendo franchise, or Nintendo in general, and you would be interested in affiliating with the Pokémon Center Podcast, feel free to contact me at my email address, which can be found on the Contact page.

P.P.S. EGGEH!!!!!