The Pokémon Center Podcast #2: Anniversaries and Alomomolas, Woobats and Swoobats! (A Special Pokémon 15th Anniversary Episode)

THIS EPISODE IS HOW LONG?! I know. It's loooooooooong. Deal with it.

Why? Because today, February 27, 2011, is the 15th anniversary of Pokémon Red and Green Versions in Japan, and, in turn, the 15th anniversary of the entire franchise! For this stupendous occasion (funny word!), my new team and I have gone all-out with tons of new segments, including a special 42-minute edition of FLASHback! Why didn't I cut it down? Well, I did. But it's on the podcast, unabridged, because it deserves to be there as such! Ha!

@The episode title: WTPF?! Well, the first word is self-explanatory. The rest have to do with Valentine's Day, which obviously went down this month. Figure out what they have to do with Valentine's Day on your own.

Don't be discouraged by the length! I have a list of times for each amazing segment here! What have we got for you in this 2.75-hour episode? Read on to find out!

(As a note of warning, this episode was originally scheduled for release on the 21st, so some content is a tad outdated. This does not make up most of the content, however, so all is well in the world!)
  1. (0:00 - 10:45) Introduction...
  2. (10:47 - 25:42) EzloSpirit launches our new recurring Pokémon News segment! Exciting news this month includes B/W news, TV show news, and news regarding the new Nintendo 3DS!
  3. (30:32 - 1:12:53) A special 42-minute 15th anniversary edition of FLASHback, in which your hosts reflect on the past 15 years of the franchise and discuss what they'd like to see in the next 15 years!
  4. (1:22:38 - 1:30:08) New segment host TheEpicPhanpy interviews a Pokéfan/YouTuber in his new POKéMANIACS segment!
  5. (1:38:17 - 1:46:22) Host KingMudkip brings you this month's Pokémon of the Episode: Bulbasaur!
  6. (1:49:00 - 2:02:21) Host EzloSpirit announces some of the latest in-store and Wi-Fi distribution events, including ones that many of you likely missed! Ha ha!
  7. (2:03:35 - 2:19:39) Your hosts read a couple pieces of feedback that listeners sent in regarding last month's episode, and EzloSpirit announces our new forums!
  8. (2:19:40 - 2:33:57) Your hosts take a very long time to wrap-up this month's episode! Why? Because we don't want it to end! Or something like that.
  9. (2:34:01 - 2:43:31) Credits, because more than one person worked on the podcast this time, plus we gotsed lots more gewd Mew-sics this munth. Ya'll.
  10. (2:43:33 - 2:48:43) Woopers, and other funny and/or entertaining outtakes!
On behalf of all of us Glameows at PKMN Center Productions, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this month's episode, and that, if you have not already, subscribe to our podcat (get it? Glameows?) on iTunes or any other podcast-subcribing thingy! Please send us your feedback at pkmncenterpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com! It might be read and responded to on next month's episode! Also, you can visit the official Pokémon Center Podcast website/blog at, where you can find the first episode, PKMN Center Radio (featuring the background music from the podcast), exclusive podcast news, and more! Also, be sure to check out (and even join) the new Pokémon Center Forums! We've got member-exclusive podcast content!

Next month will be our (likely shorter) Black & White Versions special! The specials unfortunately end after that, but oh, well! We've got more staff, including new segment hosts, that have stuff for you next month, so look forward to that (and if you see them on the forums, be sure to say hi)! Catch you later!

If you are on the website/blog right now, you can download this episode, Episode 2, directly in mp3 format by clicking on the link provided. You can also listen to the entire thing here using the media player below. It might not be as convenient as downloading the episode, though, especially considering the length.