Meet the new staff! + PKMN Center Forums Launch!

Hello, listeners! We're currently hard at work on the second episode, which will be out later this month! That's right: "we!" Yes, the Pokémon Center Podcast now has three new faces (unfortunately, only two of them will be in this month's episode). I'll introduce you!

First, we have KingMudkip, a new general host, who will be hosting the second episode alongside me! He is a cool person (like all of the new staff), and he's very interesting to work with. He knows what he's talking about, too, which is always a plus.

Second, we have TheEpicPhanpy, a new segment host, who will be hosting a new recurring segment called "POKéMANIACS." I won't say anything else about the segment, except that it's a very interesting (and entertaining) one!

Lastly (for now), we have Blizzaga, a new general host and segment host, who will unfortunately not be able to be in this month's episode. Next, month, though, we expect him to bring us yet another new, interesting segment to the 'cast, so look forward to that!

I also have a VERY exciting announcement! If you look to your left (on the webpage, silly), you'll see, under the "Interactive" section, a link to "PKMN Center Forums." If you've clicked that anytime for the past few days since I put it there, it took you to a page stating that the PKMN Center Forums were under construction and would be open to the public by February 8. Well, they're open by the 8th, alright. In fact, I opened them a few hours ago! Come and join the forums, and discuss Pokémon, the PKMN Center Podcast, Nintendo, life, sports, writing, and tons and tons of other stuff! Also, I'm currently the only moderator, so I'll be on the lookout over the next couple weeks or so for dedicated, mature, exemplary members to be selected as possible mods! Regardless, come and join the fun! Actually, at this point, come and make the fun, as one of the founding members! Yahoo! Just be aware that some rules and a couple other things for specific forums (primarily in the Artisan's Cave category) still have to be sorted out and posted, but otherwise, the boards are yours for discussion! Join today! No, join NOW! Here's an extra link:

Until...a couple weeks from now!


P.S. EGGEH!!!!!