The Pokémon Center Podcast #1: Your Pokémon Journey Begins!

Hello! My name is EzloSpirit, and this is the very first episode of the Pokémon Center Podcast, which is, quite simply, a Pokémon podcast! For now, it's only me flapping my jaws, but that's okay: you'll live! The Pokémon Center Podcast focuses primarily on the Pokémon video games, but it may expand to include the TV series, the trading card game, and more in the future.

I have a (most likely) exciting line-up for you today! It is as follows:

  1. (0:00 - 5:30) Introduction
  2. (5:30 - 30:09) I highlight some of the new Generation V Pokémon, and I discuss some of my favorite new features of Pokémon Black & White Versions.
  3. (30:10 - 34:24) "Jam" to two awesome battle themes from the upcoming Black & White Versions.
  4. (34:25 - 40:54) I launch our recurring "Flashback" segment by musing about Pokémon Red & Green Versions.
  5. (40:55 - 45:46) It's our first-ever Pokémon of the Podcast: Togepi! (a.k.a. "Togie," "Eggy," and..."EGGEH!!!!!")
  6. (45:47 - 51:56) I plead for other staff members. (If you know for a fact that there is and never will be a small chance that you would be interested and able to work on this podcast, feel free to skip this segment.)
  7. (51:58 - 57:58) Current Distribution Events around the world! Pokémon Events FTW!
  8. (58:00 - 1:02:04) Outro
  9. (1:02:43 - 1:05:24) The (almost-pointless) credits.
  10. (1:05:37 - 1:06:11) WOOPERS!!! Wait. Did I really just--? Wow. I meant BLOOPERS!!!

I hope you enjoy this first episode! Please feel free to send me your feedback at pkmncenterpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com! Also, you can visit the official Pokémon Center Podcast website/blog at, where you can find all of the previous episodes (well, not quite yet), a list of staff (um...), and contact information, plus direct downloads of each individual episode and exclusive podcast news!

If you are reading this on the blog, this episode can be downloaded directly (mp3) by following this link! (You may need to right click and "save link as..." to download.) You can also listen to the whole episode using the embedded audio player below!